• Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
    Eat Street's Pho Tau Bay is a Vietnamese restaurant that believes in American portion sizes. Its pho bowls are as big as satellite dishes, its banh mi are the size of tiny canoes, and you can linger there long as long as you need to take it all in.
  • Best Vietnamese Restaurant
    A soup and sandwich combo here is a filling meal for the largest, heartiest appetites, and the high-octane Vietnamese iced coffee is relatively small, but it will keep you vibrating with inspiration all day.

Power washing any surface makes it clean and brings excellent results but you have to be really careful when power washing your roof because can cause some serious damage to your roof and especially if you are a beginner and have no or little knowledge of power washing then roof isn’t the place where you should practice your hand, power washing machines spray water with incredible force and these efficient machines are designed to do that but when you spray water with excessive force on a rooftop then it runs the risk of damaging the surface which can cause immediate leakage and there have cases where people have seen the breakaway pieces of material, chunks of concrete would come off and it will not only shorten the service life of a roof but it will cause serious leakage and you would have to spend a significant amount on repairs as well and these are the reasons why many experts recommend that you don’t power wash your roof.

pressure washing services

You should avoid power washing your roof on a routine basis but there are situations where it becomes unavoidable and you have to power wash to get a decent enough clean so in that scenario what you must do is to call in the experts and let them handle it, Kings pressure washing here in Maryland came up with excellent solutions and ideas that would clean the roof and not damage it one bit, what they did was use the right equipment and were very particular about the angle they spray the water and most importantly they were constantly checking the machine is set on the right PSI because applying excessive pressure would damage the roof, the pressure used on roofs is rather submissive compared to other surfaces.

Mosquitos are widely thought to be the most bothersome insect species out there, and the incessant buzzing of their wings at an impossibly high frequency is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as the problems they cause are concerned. There is a pretty good chance that getting bitten by a mosquito will infect you with really serious viruses such as malaria and the Zika virus, and you’d be surprised at just how many deaths these tiny little insects tend to cause on an annual basis.

pest control expertThe truth of the situation is that placing a screen along your windows and doors is only going to be the first step in what will undoubtedly turn out to be a long and arduous journey towards a mosquito free existence. This is because of the fact that some mosquitos will manage to slip through the wire mesh, and only top notch Mosquito Treatment | BBEC can allow you to see some concrete results that won’t diminish after a few days. A lot of people seem to think that insecticides are the best options for killing mosquitoes, but the reality is that this won’t provide you with a long term mitigation solution.

The fact of the matter is that a combination of isopropyl alcohol and water will be several orders of magnitude more useful for culling mosquito populations that are setting you back. You can spray this mixture on the wire mesh so that any mosquitoes that try to enter are burned by it and summarily experience a cessation of all of the biological functions that allow them to stay alive. You should also spray it in other areas where there are mosquitoes.

Hakomi therapy is an alternative to traditional psychotherapy. While psychotherapy uses talking for a long time to heal, Hakomi therapy includes touching and gestures to heal a person. It is shown to promote positive grown in individuals which are allowed to heal on their own with the help of Hakomi, and their natural healing abilities.

hakomi therapy trainingA Hakomi therapist uses elements of your personality which were shaped by your experiences to heal your inner self. The therapy believes that you memories and emotions limit your abilities, and once you learn to embrace yourself and what you actually are, there are no limits to your growth.

A therapist might try to tap into your unconscious mind, and take all the positive things to your conscious mind to help you out. The gestures you make, the words you utter, and the expressions used by you while talking are analyzed by the therapist to heal you. They basically collect information from your brain and body, and use that to help you out.

When Was The Hakomi Method Introduced?

The history of the hakomi method takes us back to the 70s when Ron Kurtz invented this unique method as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy. This therapy includes both western and eastern philosophies, and blends them to make a perfect mix of healing principles and methods. This is a body-centered approach to psychotherapy, and is influenced by various other therapies like itself.

Key Beliefs in Hakomi Therapy

Hakomi therapy incorporates principles like non-violence, organicity, mindfulness, unity,and the integration of a person’s brain and body.

A Hakomi therapist will always suggest you to use mindfulness to tap into your core material.

When you sit in a relaxed position with all of your focus centered within yourself, you’ll be able to recognize your shortcomings and problems as well.

There are a lot of different kinds of goals that people have as far as their physical appearance and fitness is concerned. Some just want to reduce the kind of fat that they have underneath their outermost layer of skin and flesh, and their main priority is to ensure that they look extremely skinny and thin. On the other hand, there are those that would utterly detest the idea of looking like a walking skeleton in some way, shape or form, so these individuals tend to place more emphasis on muscle building at any given point in time.

coolsculpting near meYour preferences for how you want to look can have a strong impact on whether or not you want to go for emsculpt or coolsculpting. Suffice it to say that both of these procedures will offer fat reduction in your body, but emsculpt is generally better for muscle builders than coolsculpting. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that it stimulates your muscles and checking out an emsculpt before and after picture will show you that this does in fact happen to be the case.

Emsculpting reduces less fat than coolsculpting, but its ability to improve muscle growth makes it highly valuable for those that are looking for something of that sort. If you go to a gym and eat a high protein diet, going for a few emsculpting sessions can make your progress faster by leaps and bounds. You can increase your muscle mass by as much as 16% by opting for this procedure which is a transformational amount of change that makes the slightly reduced fat removal worth the exchange.

A lot of purchasing power is wasted each and every year for no other reason than people didn’t take good enough care of their carpets. There is a pretty good chance that you would need to buy a new carpet every two to three years if you don’t put some effort into maintaining it, and deep cleaning it on an annual basis is a really big part of that. Buying a carpet cleaning machine can be immensely useful in keeping your carpet really soft and plush, but they can be expensive so renting a machine can be more up your alley.

carpet cleaning home serviceThe truth of the situation is that you need to make sure that you choose the right machine for carpet cleaner rental, and there is one really pertinent factor to consider when ascertaining the quality of said machine. The factor that we are referring to is durability, and you would do well to prioritize this over any and all other considerations. This is because of the fact that any damage done to the machine while you use it will be your responsibility to pay for, so by renting a highly durable apparatus you can make it less likely that such an expense would end up falling on your shoulders.

Some people prefer to base their decisions on steam output or how many features the machine has, but the fact of the matter is that these are all basically just gimmicks. The only factor that truly matters in the end is how sturdy the machine is. Durability lets you leave the cleaning machine on for a much longer duration which helps you maximize your cleaning results.

If you are lucky enough to be an actual home owner instead of just someone that has to make do with renting properties from whoever is kind enough to give you access to them, suffice it to say that your only priority in life would be to increase the value of this home in whatever way you can. It’s really helpful to think of your home as an investment instead of just a set of four walls that you can live in, and one thing that you should take great care to focus on would be improving the quality of your roofing.

roofing and gutters near meThe average house that you can find on the market these days has a roof with asphalt shingles on it, but the folks over at Rise With Phoenix are changing the game entirely by introducing metal roofing for the very first time. This can be a difficult thing to fathom because of the fact that it has just never been done before, but at the end of the day the march of progress moves ever onward and it’s usually better to go along with it rather than protest.

The benefits of metal roofing are quite pronounced due to the reason that your house will become up to ten to twenty percent more valuable if it has such a durable and long lasting form of roofing atop it. The cost of metal roofing depends on what metal you go for, but generally speaking the rate for most metals included galvanized steel is somewhere around the four dollar per square foot mark. Only zinc is more expensive since it comes in at approximately six dollars per square foot on average.

Let’s face it, no one actually likes the thought of cleaning their house. It can really restrict the number of free hours that you can enjoy at this current point in time, and what’s more is that you will feel so tired after you are done that you wouldn’t be able to properly devote your attention towards any leisure activities you might be interested in participating in either. The thing is, failing to keep a neat and tidy home will inevitably lead to your thought processes getting jumbled up as well, so you should be careful not to let things get this bad.

house pressure washing near meAnyone that is struggling to keep up with their daily cleaning requirements should consider hiring a power wash every now and again without a shadow of a doubt. Just ten minutes of pressure washing can reduce your weekly cleaning hours by two or potentially even three, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you can manage your time much more effectively if you get it done. However, there are still some things that you can do to further maximize efficiency, such as using bleach to spice things up.

The main advantage of using bleach when pressure washing is that it helps you to sanitize all surfaces and make them completely free of disease causing microbes, thereby making it especially important if you have kids. Kids have really weak immunes systems, so using bleach is really essential since their bodies won’t be able to handle a serious illness and they may very well end up getting hospitalized if certain protocols are not followed which include the addition of diluted bleach in power cleaning solutions.

Since carpet cleaning services are in abundance anywhere in the world, you need to be very smart about your decisions as a service provider especially at the start, having read a lot about why new carpet cleaners are failing to get the edge over their competitors and why the age old companies are dominating in such an evolving market, it is safe to say that there is one thing that they are skipping and that is proving to be fatal for their businesses and that is choosing old marketing methods and not targeting their customers in an effective manner, carpet cleaning service providers who have run an efficient marketing campaign have seen the results and you can benefit from it as well.

heaven best carpet cleaningLead generation campaign aren’t new and if you are selecting the right person you’ll likely spend just a few dollars for a lead, carpet cleaning leads aren’t as expensive as some of the other services so it would be better for you to focus on this as a new service provider, people who search rug cleaning, area carpet cleaning or best carpet cleaning services near me should always get your page high up on the results, SEO and lead generation can help you with that and you are likely to get more engagement from the right people because it is not just about spending on getting more reach but target those who want this particular service and are actively looking for it.

Providing pricing over phone and making it easier for the customer to get a quote will always boost your sales, a professional will help you achieve that, discuss what you want and how you want to grow as carpet cleaning service provider and then look to generate leads with a clear identity.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a world in which electricity simply didn’t exist, and while we might be so used to it that we can hardly dream of such an antediluvian era, electricity and widespread energy only became commonplace in the last century or so. In the modern era, access to abundant energy is crucial because of the fact that you would not be able to get anything useful done without it. However, the manner in which we create this energy is having a truly destructive influence on the only habitable planet that we are aware of, so we need to move towards more sustainable energy sources once all has been said and is now out of the way.

Solar PanelsPerhaps the most obvious solution to this conundrum is to start using solar panels Glasgow since they can create endless energy just by being left out in the sun. Before you go out and buy these solar panels, you might want to know how they work. The reason behind this is that understanding their functionality can help you to extract more value from them than might have been the case otherwise, so you should listen up as we explain certain fundamentals regarding how they operate.

To put it plainly, a solar panel consists of silicon strips that react when exposed to photon particles and start to release electrons. These electrons can then be sent into some kind of an inverter device which would subsequently convert them from a direct current to an alternating current. This would make the electricity usable in your appliances, and since it is made from an inexhaustible resource you get limitless energy for all of your needs.

The plight of single mothers is one that is well documented in film and television, but this awareness very rarely translates into real world action that makes their lives easier in some way, shape or form. It is truly incredible that there are mothers out there who are raising their children all on their lonesome, but it can be exceedingly challenging for them to handle so many responsibilities and still have some free hours left that they can use to enjoy themselves at any given point in time.

diy auto carpet cleaningThat often results in a situation wherein single mothers spend the whole day working, and then when they come home they spend what little time they have left cooking, cleaning and then taking care of their kids. Suffice it to say that professional carpet cleaning is one of the best things that single moms can look into to make their schedules a bit more manageable. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that these carpet cleaning services will handle what is perhaps the biggest individual cleaning task that you would be dreading.

It helps to know what to look for when hiring a service like this, so we are going to tell you just what you should think of during your search. A good company will always use steam cleaners, so try to hire one that is aware of that. Another thing to look into is how long the company has been active. The longer a company has been operational, the higher the chances are that they would give you the sort of results that are ideal.

The cleaning industry usually operates in a rather seasonal way at this current point in time. During the summer, most customers are on the lookout for outdoor cleaning which includes things like pressure washing, driveway paving as well as sandblasting. However, when the frigid months that come between December and February are in full swing, suffice it to say that their desires turn inwards since outdoor cleaning is no longer going to be a feasible thing for them to obtain. The most common type of cleaning that they get done during the holiday season is carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning near me

Most people go for professional carpet cleaning during winter not just because it is the only option, but also because they want to make it so that their guests can have a more comfortable stay with them once all has been said and is now out of the way. Hence, you can get a lot of carpet cleaning work during this season, but you still need to learn how you can get it since it’s obviously not just going to fall into your lap.

Getting work as a carpet cleaner is all about building a network that will keep you in people’s minds more often than might have been the case otherwise. Handing out your business cards to all of your customers can be a pretty great way to do this. The reason behind this is that customers that liked what you did will hold onto these cards, and they will also have an easy thing to transfer to other people that they are recommending you to. Keeping your business versatile enough to take advantage of all of this work is essential.

Starting a website can be a great way to increase the visibility of any and all endeavors that you are devoting the lion’s share of your daily active hours to, but suffice it to say that the sheer quantity of sites that are being added to the internet each and every day can make it difficult for you to stand out among the crowd. That is why so many people turn to SEO companies once all has been said and is now out of the way.

social media ads marketingThe reason behind this is that an SEO company can help you in so many ways that we would have a really hard time listing them all out here without wasting a huge chunk of your already limited time. Hence, let us focus firstly on the most basic task that they are responsible for, one that will inform your thoughts on how to pick a suitable SEO company as well as other matters that are of a similar nature. To put it plainly, an SEO companies biggest responsibility is to generate backlinks that will lead back to the site that is within your ownership.

Backlink creation used to be incredibly easy because of the fact that you could just use bots to generate these links for you, but that is no longer a viable way to manage things. What you need more than anything else are genuine backlinks that are entirely organic, and that is something that SEO companies usually tend to specialize in. What’s more is that they can analyze your content and tell you if it has been written with the algorithm in mind, and if it hasn’t they will tell you what to improve.

The manufacturing process for carpets has increasingly started to favor the incorporation of synthetic fibers, and this has necessitated a bit of a paradigm shift within the carpet cleaning industry because of the fact that these fiber types need to be treated differently than their organic counterparts at the end of the day. Suffice it to say that a synthetic fiber would be a lot more fragile and prone to damage than a naturally sourced on, and this is something that should be factored in to the process by which you might attempt to remove dirt from them.

professional carpet cleaning friendswoodAnother way in which the use of synthetic fibers can force you to think about a carpet cleaning service Friendswood quite distinctly is that they require dedicated stain removal. Organic fibers have the advantage of being far easier to clean, but they are also more expensive so if you want to save money you need to contend with the tradeoff of a more difficult cleaning session if you want to get stains out instead of just doing a general deep clean that only removes dirt and the like.

Carpet cleaners generally use a combination of vinegar, baking soda and a large amount of water to remove stains. The acidity of the vinegar plays really well with the base compounds in baking soda, and water helps to dilute them to the point where they won’t result in fraying or twisting of your rug. You can try to use an industrial cleanser as well, but its results would not be quite as effective as what this simple home based solution would give you the chance to enjoy all in all.

There are a lot of things that you would need to learn about before you can confidently proceed with the establishment of a profit making enterprise that you might hope would last for the rest of your life. While all of these factors are worthy of your consideration, there is a pretty good chance that the amount of income that your chosen business can make in a year would take precedence over virtually everything else.

pressure washing safety gearThis is because of the fact that income is the main thing that impacts how successfully you can offer power washing Pearland in more ways than we are currently capable of counting. Generally speaking, a business offering pressure washing services in various locales in the Midwestern United States usually brings in somewhere around two to three hundred thousand dollars a year. The truth of the situation is that much of this income will go towards paying for various expenses including the rent for your premises, employee salaries as well as other basic things such as equipment upkeep and acquisition.

Hence, it would be a mistake to assume that all of this money would end up right in your pocket. Instead, you should recognize that at least three quarters of it would be spent on necessary things, but that still leaves a good sixty to eighty thousand dollars that would turn out to be profit. The fact of the matter is that this amount of money is enough to pay your bills and keep you comfortable, which just goes to show that pressure washing is one of the easiest and most profitable businesses that you could possibly ever end up investing your money in.

Wood based decks have become a common feature in suburbia, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they allow you to enjoy the peaceful outdoor spaces that only suburban environments can give you access to at any given point in time. Since decks are mostly located in the exterior portions of home boundaries that are enclosed by wooden fence posts and the like, they need to be cleaned with a fairly high amount of regularity in some way, shape or form.pressure and power washing extension poleThe wear and tear that your deck will experience due to abrasive dust particles that rub against it will be quite pronounced, so you should always hire pressure washing companies near me if you feel like the dust layer is getting too thick to handle. You should also remember that decks need to be sealed to make them water tight since the pressure washing will have removed much if not all of the preceding layer that you had added a long time ago.

That said, you should never seal your deck right after it gets washed. This would prevent further water egress, but it would also trap absorbed moisture into the wood. That can make the wood expand and get really crumbly, and there is a chance that it might collapse underneath your feet. Hence, you should wait around forty eight hours at a bare minimum so that your deck has a chance to dry, after which you can seal it so that no further water is allowed entry into the woodwork where it can do damage.

People working in the field of cleaning and hygiene are often underappreciated, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that we don’t fully understand the scale of what they do as well as how crucial it is for maintaining the integrity of our modern society at any given point in time. Anyone that cleans for a living deserves a lot of praise in some way, shape or form, but suffice it to say that none deserve more adulation than carpet cleaning technicians.

affordable carpet cleaning

When you hire a Humble carpet cleaner, you are basically hiring a technical expert who has a deep understanding of the chemical processes that are involved in the process. They don’t just know about chemistry either, rather they have a comprehensive knowledge base with respect to other sciences as well such as physics and biology, and they usually need to know some math as well so that they can make all of the right calculations that the carpet cleaning job requires them to figure out.

As for what these technicians actually do, that part is a bit simpler to learn. Their main focus is to manage the carpet cleaning machines and ensure that they are used properly. They have some engineering knowledge that allows them to manipulate the machines in more effective ways, and they know how to minimize their usage before any harm is done such as if the heat level is too high. You can’t use the machines that they use because you haven’t spent years uncovering their every detail, so these technicians are the best cleaning professionals that you can think to hire.

There are certain jobs out there that really manage to give you the whole package. Not only will they give you the chance to earn lots of money, but they would also enable you to receive a massive quantity of prestige at this current point in time. Perhaps the most obvious example of a job that corresponds and conforms to this level of advantage is that of lawyers. The legal profession is extremely important for maintaining the proper function of the society that we are all currently living within the confines of, so you might want to enter this field without a shadow of a doubt.

financial lawyers near meChances are that hearing about the amazing lifestyle that members of the legal fraternity tend to enjoy is making you absolutely eager to dive headfirst into the field yourself. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should first and foremost wrap your head around how long it takes to become an attorney who is skilled enough to work at a firm like CES Law or some other firm that has a similarly high standing among its peers.

You would need to complete a four year undergrad before you can go to law school, and taking some pre-law electives can help you to get into the law school of your choice. After completing your bachelor’s you need to do a four year post grad degree that is called a JD or a Juris Doctor, after which you need to spend about a year studying and preparing for the Bar exam. Once all this is done, you can become an attorney while you are in your late twenties.

There was a point in our history where the most important materials in the world were wood and mud. No matter where you went, people tended to make homes out of either one of these substances, and roads were usually dirt paths as well which made mud an even more crucial material to know how to make the most of.Chances are that very few people live in ancient dwellings such as these, nor are these materials used in roadwork at any given point in time.

tree-services-in-cityA big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that we now use things like asphalt to make our roads in some way, shape or form, and suffice it to say that it is a far more durable material that can also be easily repaired. The thing about asphalt that not that many people know is that it needs Bayside asphalt sealcoating in order to be structurally sound. Asphalt has a lot of microscopic holes in it that can allow oil egress, and it is also really susceptible to damage if it is put under the sun for too long.

You obviously need asphalt to be resistant to UV radiation, and that is where sealcoating comes into play. This process adds a protective layer to the asphalt, and it can also be used for cement as well for the most part. A major benefit to sealing asphalt is that it creates a water resistant layer that will protect it from wear and tear during rain storms. A single rain drop is not all that dangerous, but millions of them can be surprisingly destructive which is why sealcoating is important.

Some of the things that people say online can seem downright ridiculous, and that’s probably why so many individuals feel like you should never trust anything that you read on the internet at this current point in time. Chances are that you have heard of hypnotherapy, but you would likely have a lot of skepticism in your heart and mind with respect to the potential scientific efficacy of this practice.

therapist aid worksheetsThis is actually a good thing, since you should always treat things that you have never heard of before with a reasonably healthy dose of skepticism without a shadow of a doubt.

That said, hypnotherapy is actually not worthy of your criticism due to the reason that it is a massively effective form of area therapy that many licensed practitioners are starting to promote. Hypnotherapy is not getting popular because it is nothing more than a fad, rather it is becoming trendy precisely because it has the potential to make you feel better about yourself as well as how your life is going.

The success rate for hypnotherapy is so high that it regularly crosses the ninety percent mark in most studies. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan for you. It can be stressful to try out a new therapy type if you don’t know what your chances are at seeing any improvement, but this data should go a very long way towards revealing to you that this hypnotherapy is completely legitimate since it is practiced by actual therapists and not random people that are operating out of a store front without any kind of license.

France has in many ways become one of the central nations in the European Union, and the kind of cultural impact that it has had on the world is pretty hard to even consider arguing against at this current point in time. That is why so many individuals are starting to figure out ways in which they can move to France and start living there until the day they die, because everyone wants to be thoroughly involved in a nation that has such an immense amount of prestige associated with it without a shadow of a doubt.

moving house checklistThe thing is, moving to France can be a bit complicated for people that don’t already live on the European mainland. If you feel like you need removals to France – Central Moves are your best bet, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should look no further than them since it is unlikely that any other service provider would be nearly as good as they are right now.

The cost of shipping all of your precious belongings to France can turn into an easier pill to swallow if you look into how affordable it tends to be. You can expect to pay somewhere in the region of $5,000 to move all of the items that are in your ownership to the French nation, and that will cover a shipping container that you would have a really hard time filling out in its entirety. Containers like this are so large that they are more than adequate for families of up to four or five, so you should have no trouble fitting everything in.