Wood based decks have become a common feature in suburbia, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that they allow you to enjoy the peaceful outdoor spaces that only suburban environments can give you access to at any given point in time. Since decks are mostly located in the exterior portions of home boundaries that are enclosed by wooden fence posts and the like, they need to be cleaned with a fairly high amount of regularity in some way, shape or form.pressure and power washing extension poleThe wear and tear that your deck will experience due to abrasive dust particles that rub against it will be quite pronounced, so you should always hire pressure washing companies near me if you feel like the dust layer is getting too thick to handle. You should also remember that decks need to be sealed to make them water tight since the pressure washing will have removed much if not all of the preceding layer that you had added a long time ago.

That said, you should never seal your deck right after it gets washed. This would prevent further water egress, but it would also trap absorbed moisture into the wood. That can make the wood expand and get really crumbly, and there is a chance that it might collapse underneath your feet. Hence, you should wait around forty eight hours at a bare minimum so that your deck has a chance to dry, after which you can seal it so that no further water is allowed entry into the woodwork where it can do damage.