Anyone that only buys from businesses and never tries to learn about the processes that they implement might be unaware of how the philosophy that was used to establish said enterprise can play a huge role in how it is managed and governed.

paperless pay boydA really good company that we can take as a case study is Publix due to the reason that its philosophy is that of absolute equality and it implements this philosophy in a wide range of areas including the fact that 80% of its shares are owned not by the Jenkins family who started the enterprise but rather by the employees that spend their days working on various tasks that keep the business running.

Another way in which Publix implements its philosophy of equality is that it does not have a members only section nor does it have any kind of loyalty program. You can learn more about it here, but suffice it to say that the main reason why Publix doesn’t have any kind of members only policy or a loyalty card is that the company believes that all customers should be treated equally, whether they are there for the first time or if they are there for the hundredth time.

There are those that question whether how Publix does business is viable, but the company has a market cap of around $45 billion and that indicates that they are definitely doing something right. While cruel and unethical corporations will always have an edge over Publix, they have still shown that there is a way to do business in which no one ever ends up getting taken advantage of to any degree whatsoever and that is something we can all learn from.