These days if you want your brand or business to have even the slimmest chances of attaining a reasonable level of success you would need to create some kind of an online presence for it in the form of a website. Even if you don’t think that you can manage a website and instead focus on building a social media presence from the ground up, this doesn’t change the importance of having an online footprint in the first place and since this is something that everyone aspiring to success needs to do suffice it to say that there is a lot of competition that you would need to end up facing without a shadow of a doubt.

SEO manager salary

The sheer quantity of new websites being published at this current point in time means that you would need to invest in local SEO in Hervey Bay if you want your own site or platform to get a reasonable level of visibility. Since this is an investment that would actually allow you to get more revenue in the long run, you shouldn’t worry too much about paying for it if it’s for your business.

Still, knowing how much it costs to have someone do SEO can help you budget for it accordingly, and as a result of the fact that this is the case we are going to tell you what the average amount is. You would most likely need to pay around five thousand dollars a month if you want midrange SEO. If that seems well outside of your intended budget range you can also try to go for a cheaper SEO that would cost around a thousand per month.