Most of the products that you would think about buying at any point at all will most likely have been manufactured by a company that uses a brand name as its consumer facing title which is catchy enough that it would stick in said consumers’ minds so much so that they would keep coming back to it for all of their needs. However, one thing that you might not know is that some brands that might seem truly distinct from one another are actually owned by the exact same company that operates another brand, and the reason behind them using separate brand names is that they want to diversify their presence in the market.

keurig miniThere is a pretty good chance that a lot of brands that make best coffee maker for a single person under a certain name in one country would be operating under a different name in a separate market. The best example of this that we can present to you is that of Sage and Breville. Sage coffee machines have started to take the UK market by storm, but the truth of the situation is that they are the same machines that Australians can by under the brand name Breville!

The truth of the situation is that sometimes brands need to switch their names up when penetrating new markets since this can help them relate to their target audience. Sage and Breville coffee machines are more or less identical to one another, so you shouldn’t worry about choosing between them since doing so would not offer any noticeable value in your decision making process. The fact of the matter is that this brand offers top notch machines.