Pressure washing is a process that requires several moving parts to function perfectly and remain more or less entirely in sync at any given point in time. The pump that generates the pressure, the tank that this pump will draw its water from and the hose that you will use to direct your water wherever you need it to go are all important in some way, shape or form. However, an even more important part of your setup would be the tip or nozzle that you use to make the jets a lot more precise in the end.

biggest pressure washing companyIf you want to use Friendswood pressure washing to clean your car, suffice it to say that you can’t use the standard nozzle that most pressure washers come with. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that this nozzle is designed to maximize pressure output, and you don’t want this high level of force when you are cleaning your car since it might strip the paint off, dent the sides or cause some other kind of damage that you would be really annoyed by and justifiably so.

The proper tip for pressure washing your car is to use an x-jet nozzle which is custom made for soft washing and other low pressure cleaning techniques. Unless you have a car that is built like a tank, using the maximum pressure setting would be counterproductive and that is if we put things mildly. Don’t try to deviate from this norm because you would come to regret it over time because of the irreparable vehicular damage that it can cause.